Top Hat the Musical

Top Hat! We’re tapping our way toward Autumn 2018

Top Hat, the 2013 Olivier Award winner for ‘Best New Musical’.

Let’s count them carefully. The show calls for at least eighteen handsome men in top hats and tails, all delicately touching their canes on the stage while dancing behind a glamorous, gorgeous couple who are almost floating on air. Hmmm, has AOS bitten off more than it can chew this time?

Fear not, we’ll be scouring the whole of Oxfordshire and beyond to find the cast we need to bring this classic show to the Amey Theatre in Abingdon. Even Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers might struggle to make the cut!!

You can find all the latest news on this production, including character details and how to take part, by stopping by our Current Show page here.